What is the AAE?


A revolutionary, non-political, members only association for entertainers with an integrated artist booking platform aimed at bookers seeking to hire accredited performers.

In the interest of all parties, members and users of the AAE online booking facility agree to abide by the AAE’s professional terms of conduct. 

Importantly, and for the mutual protection of all concerned, AAE members will always provide bookers with a legally binding contract as generated via the AAE’s booking platform or through a reputable agent.


Why the AAE was formed

The digital revolution has impacted hugely on the entire entertainments industry, possibly more so than any other. For example, social media alone is seen as a major factor in the steep rise of performers operating on a freelance basis. It has become easier than ever for artists to connect with potential bookers and vice versa. At best this can be a relaxed way of doing business, on the other hand, it can and often does go spectacularly wrong and when it does, in most cases neither party has a legal leg to stand on. To address this and many other modern-day needs, the association was formed, expanded upon and developed way beyond the original concept.



If you’re operating solo, without an agent or manager and securing your own bookings, you're part of a growing army of likeminded artists. Freelancing can be a choice or circumstantial. For some this is a preferred option for others they may have struggled to find suitable representation, either way, working alone in the absence of a respected organisation behind you can lead to problems such as let-downs, double bookings and payment disputes. On the flip-side, bookers of entertainment can be wary of booking acts directly and can be discouraged by the absence of a credible contract or fear of non-compliance in what can be a complex minefield of obligations or just a general concern regarding reliability and clarity regarding terms, provisions and conduct. 

Prior to acceptance into the AAE, applicants are vetted and the AAE's robust verification process is applied as part of the association's identity and safeguarding procedures.

AAE members can overcome so many concerns and assure clients of their willingness and ability to provide a professional and legally agreed engagement where both parties are clear on the terms from the outset. And, in so doing, artistes dedicated to providing a professional service are able to visibly set themselves apart from those who choose to conduct their affairs on a casual basis. 



Prior to and during the formation of the AAE, extensive research confirmed that the incidence of artists, venues and private bookers being let down, underpaid, over-charged or mislead is on the increase. Often these situations arise due to cross-wires and poor organisation. These types of upsets can be avoided by adhering to a professional code of conduct coupled with the provision of an unambiguous agreement.  

Becoming or booking an AAE member bridges vital gaps, provides piece of mind and offers a fairer solution for everyone.

Bookings and terms are negotiated online directly between the artist and the client and a contract is automatically created and electronically signed by both parties.