Member Concessions


The AAE recognises how important it is for you to promote your professional status. We also understand that some circumstances can make affording membership difficult or that you have already taken steps to strengthen your status by way of joining other trade bodies.

The AAE works hard to promote professional, fair and legally compliant conduct within the industry and welcomes your efforts to join us in our collective endeavours to increase and maintain high standards. 

If you belong to any of the groups outlined below we will refund the discount offered upon receipt of supporting evidence as outlined on the application form.  

We aim to process all application within 24 - 48 hours. Refunds are processed immediately based on any concession or in the event of your application being denied. 


FULL TIME STUDENTS (Fee refund £50 = £49 Payable)

Full-time student can enjoy 12 months  AAE membership for just £49 subject to providing supporting evidence.


MU & EQUITY MEMBERS (Fee refund £10  = £89 Payable)

We value all steps artists take in order to share our values and accordingly consider membership to other trade bodies as a positive reflection of professionalism. 

For those who are presently paid-up members of the Musicians Union or Equity we will discount AAE membership by way of issuing  a £10 refund on providing evidence of valid membership to either organisation.  


EXTREME HARDSHIP (Membership free of charge - Please read)

The AAE is so much more than just a professional compliance and conduct body, the built-in booking platform offers members significant potential to get noticed and enjoy an increase in earnings. We realise that financial restraints can contribute towards paving the path to nowhere and can seriously hinder progress. 

Whenever and wherever possible, we will try to improve your prospects and assist along the way. 

Extreme Hardship applicants do not need to send any advance payment. Please read below for more info.


Defining hardship

Financial (or any) hardship is largely relative and can be very hard to define. Many would justifiably argue that struggling to live on a low income, being unemployed or studying full-time represents hardship.  

It goes without saying that we cannot award free membership based solely on the above, the organisation would never survive.  However, if you feel your circumstances render your hardship as extreme, we promise to examine your case for free membership. 

We endeavour to support up to 10 hardship applications per month by way of granting free membership.   

If you’re applying for membership under our extreme hardship scheme, please email us in complete confidence using this link outlining your special, extreme, hardship circumstances:


Applications in this category do not require any advance payment whatsoever.