Getting seen


From showbiz veterans who've been treading the boards for decades through to talented newcomers eager to gain their first bookings, getting seen and opening new doors remains a top priority for all.

As part of our extensive pre-formation research and feedback from others, it became apparent that so many ‘trade associations’ resemble secret societies as opposed to providing visibility for members.

In the entertainments industry the greater and higher your visible profile the greater and higher are your chances of progressing your career. To this end the AAE strongly believes in promoting its members, not hiding them or simply listing their names in a directory.


Promoting AAE Members

We will routinely rotate different artist categories and showcase different individual artists via our own marketing channels. Your dedicated and exclusive AAE web page will serve as a great promo tool. Members will also receive advice and guidance on this.


Showreels / Photos & Publicity

The value of high quality publicity material cannot be overestimated. 

Great showreels showcasing your performance and sharp-shot publicity photos are so important as is a well crafted, compelling biog. If you don’t have suitable publicity or would like to update your present material, we can assist, please see below. 


AAE publicity / marketing services

All AAE members are eligible for subsidised promotional services including photography, showreels, green screen filming and studio recordings.


Strictly for Members only:

It’s in everyones interest that your visual and audio media is of a professional standard. Ideally  showreel, photography and biog needs to look, sound and read amazingly well.  They serve as your virtual calling card. Bookers and casting agents will form a yes or no decision within moments of scanning your profile publicity.

The AAE can refer members for a complete, professionally produced promo-package including:


A full HD Showreel filmed, edited & titled (broadcast quality)

A professional still photography shoot 

Artist biography (writing service) 

The complete package as outlined above, from £199 inclusive. 

Please note these subsidised packages are strictly for AAE members only and subject to availability. 


We have already arranged and negotiated these special rates for our members and we will continue to expand services to include nationwide coverage.

If you would like to discuss publicity options with us, please do get in touch: